/wɔm / (say wawm)

1. having or communicating a moderate degree of heat, as perceptible to the senses.
2. of or at a moderately high temperature; characterised by comparatively high temperature: a warm climate.
3. having a sensation of bodily heat: to be warm from fast walking.
4. keeping or maintaining warmth: warm clothes.
5. (of colour, effects of colour, etc.) suggestive of warmth; inclining towards red or orange, as yellow (rather than towards green or blue).
6. characterised by or showing lively feelings, passions, emotions, sympathies, etc.: a warm heart; warm interest.
7. strongly attached, or intimate: warm friends.
8. cordial or hearty: a warm welcome.
9. heated; irritated, or angry: to become warm when contradicted.
10. animated, lively, brisk, or vigorous: a warm debate.
11. strong or fresh: a warm scent.
12. Colloquial relatively close to something sought, as in a game.
13. Colloquial uncomfortable or unpleasant.
verb (t)
14. to make warm; heat: to warm one's feet; warm up a room.
15. to heat, as cooked food for re-use.
16. to excite ardour, enthusiasm, or animation in.
17. to inspire with kindly feeling; affect with lively pleasure.
18. warm and fuzzy, sentimental.
19. warm a seat, Colloquial to occupy a position, usually in a temporary capacity, and without actively discharging its responsibilities.
20. warm down, Sport to perform light exercise or stretches after strenuous exercise.
21. warm to, to become ardent, enthusiastic, or animated about (something).
22. warm to (or towards), to grow kindly, friendly, or sympathetically disposed to (someone): my heart warms towards him.
23. warm up,
a. (of an engine) to idle or run at low speed prior to being actively engaged.
b. to run (an engine) prior to use, so as to produce efficient working conditions: wait while I warm up the engine.
c. to prepare for a musical or theatrical performance, etc.
d. (in sport) to prepare for strenuous exercise by performing preliminary light exercise or stretching.
e. to become warm: the day warmed up.
f. to make warm; heat: to warm up a room.
{Middle English; Old English wearm}
warmer, noun
warming, noun
warming, adjective
warmish, adjective
warmly, adverb
warmness, noun

Australian English dictionary. 2014.